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Breeding of Djulis ʻTaitung No. 1ʼ


Breeding of Djulis ʻTaitung No. 1ʼ

Tzu-Yun Huang1


Djulis ʻTaitung No. 1ʼ was selected from 20 local lines collected from Taitung, Pingtung and Hualien County by mass selection method. After the processes of primary yield trial, advanced yield trial, local regional yield trial, and various agronomic characters tests, Taitung No. 1 was nominated as a new variety on March 22, 2019. Djulis ʻTaitung No. 1ʼ has red panicle (the major market trend) and early maturity characteristics, the average growth period is 93 day. Taitung No. 1 has high harvest index and high fertilizer-use efficiency, which makes it suitable to be grown as a cash crop. It is also high in such nutritional elements as protein, betalains, and micronutrients, making it a stable ingredient for the production of health foods and a positive influence on the development of the special grain industry.


Key words: Djulis, Taitung No. 1, Breeding

1Assistant Researcher of Taitung DARES, COA.