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Copyright Policy


► Items found on our website not subject to copyright law may be freely used by any party.

► Those who use content from our website that is subject to copyright law, with the exception of content used within a reasonable scope, must obtain authorization from the respective copyright holder.

► All content (including text, pictures, images, audio/video recordings and other information) on the Taitung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station (TTDARES) website, with the exception of items not subject to copyright law (such as laws, directives, speeches prepared by civil servants, news articles, etc.—please see Article 9 of Taiwan’s copyright law), is protected by copyright law.

► Please refer to the descriptions below for more details on “reasonable scope”:

  1. All content on this website is published and made available to the public by the TTDARES. Since the authors of content are members of the TTDARES, information may be used for any reproduction, public broadcast and public transmission within a reasonable scope as long as the TTDARES is cited as the source.
  2. The content on this website may be reproduced for the sake of non-profit, personal use.
  3. Content from this website may be used within a reasonable scope for reporting, analysis, education, research and other such legitimate purposes as long as the TTDARES is cited as the source.
  4. Please refer to Articles 44-65 of Taiwan’s copyright law regarding other uses that are considered within “reasonable scope”.

► Except in adherence to Article 80-1 of Taiwan’s copyright law (regarding removal or alteration of electronic rights management information), individuals may not legally use information from the TTDARES website. Also, except in the technical process of system conversion (due to the recording or transmission of content), thus making removal or alteration of information a necessary step, the electronic rights management information indicated by this website may not be removed or altered without authorization.

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