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The Taitung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station (TTDARES) has one director, who serves as chairperson, is in charge of the general management of activities at the station, and directs subordinates; one deputy director, who assists with the general management of activities at the station; and one secretary, who manages administrative activities. To conduct the duties above as required by law, the Department of Crop Improvement, Department of Crop Environment, Department of Agricultural Extension, and Banchiu Branch Station have been established in accordance with the features, production environment, and state of development of Taitung’s agricultural resources. In addition, there are three administrative units at the station: the Secretariat, Accounting and Statistics Office, and Personnel Office. Also in accordance with the law, station personnel are categorized as department chiefs, researchers, associate researchers, office chiefs, executive officers (for administrative tasks), assistant researchers, assistants, officers, junior technical specialists, and associate clerks.

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