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2024-01-19 “Conference on Food and Agriculture Education, Indigenous People’s Traditional Crops, and Annual Experimental Research and Promotion Achievements” Held on January 19, 2024
2023-10-23 TTDARES Holds Green Care Class: Mounted Fern DIY
2023-10-16 Food and Agriculture Education in Indigenous Villages: TTDARES Holds Classes on Millet at Wulu Elementary School and Its Branch in Lidao
2023-10-13 Implementing Food and Agriculture Education: TTDARES Holds Millet Class at Sanmin Elementary School in Chenggong
2023-09-27 TTDARES Holds “Taitung Indigenous Village Creative Food Contest” Local Ingredients Spur Regional Lohas Agrotourism Development
2023-09-13 TTDARES Holds Indigenous Agricultural Industry Mobile Classroom to Promote Mechanized Millet Cultivation and Add Value to Farming Industry in Indigenous Communities
2023-08-12 Hu Ming-Zhi won the south-link area aboriginal millet quality evaluation champion in 2023
2023-08-08 TTDARES Holds Sign Unveiling Ceremony in Initiating a New Future
2023-07-12 “Eco-friendly Monkey Control Technology Seminar” Held on July 12, 2023
2023-06-02 Be Gone, Rice Black Bug! TTDARES Holds “Organic Rice Black Bug Control and Fertilization Management Demonstration Event”
2023-05-11 “Fruit Tree Sunscald Prevention Technology Demonstration Event” Held on May 11, 2023
2023-05-10 “Eco-friendly Longicorn Beetle Control Technology Seminar” Held on May 10, 2023
2023-04-26 TTDARES Holds Lecture on Millet to Boost Teachers’ Knowledge of Food and Agriculture Education
2023-04-12 TTDARES Promotes Food and Agriculture Education at International Experimental School
2023-04-11 TTDARES Promotes Food and Agriculture Education and Transmits Bunun Millet Offering Culture
2023-03-28 TTDARES Promotes Food and Agriculture Education at International Experimental School
2023-03-16 Off-site preserving local millet lines and returning selected millet to the tribe
2023-01-16 TTDARES Holds “Conference on Adding Value Through Innovation to Special Indigenous Crops and Annual Experimental Research Achievements”
2023-01-06 NEW WINGED BEAN VARIETY- ‘TAITUNG N0. 2 – Chun-Fong’
2023-01-04 January 2023 Outstanding Atemoya Orchard Contest
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