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2022-10-20 Farmers’ Academy Novice Class on Organic Farming and Practical Training Come to End with Exceptional Results
2022-10-20 Passing Down Indigenous Community Farming Wisdom and Learning Modern Techniques TTDARES Holds “Reinvigorating Indigenous Village Spirit Class” in Community of Jiana
2022-08-05 TTDARES Brings New Energy to Agriculture with Training for New Farm Laborers
2022-07-29 TTDARES Holds “Green Elderly Care Event: Succulent Potting Workshops”—Healthy Fun for Seniors!
2022-06-22 TTDARES Holds “2022 Evaluation and Conference on Rice Blast in New Rice Varieties”
2022-06-08 “Reinvigorating Indigenous Village Spirit Class”: Keys to Making Tasty Indigenous Meal Boxes
2022-04-22 Timing Is Key in Harvesting Djulis! TTDARES Holds “Djulis Postharvest Handling Demonstration Event”
2022-04-01 Passing Down the Jiuqu Starter Culture with a Hands-on Class
2022-01-13 Results Out for the “2021 Outstanding Sugar Apple and Atemoya Orchard Contest”!
2021-11-30 Equal Emphasis on Theory and Practice: Farmers’ Academy Novice Class on Medicinal Herb Cultivation and Usage Comes to an End
2021-10-22 TTDARES Holds “2021 Agroecosystem Long-term Ecology Research Conference”
2021-06-23 New TTDARES-bred Dendrobium Nobile Varieties Registered with Royal Horticulture Society: Taitung Wedding, Taitung Quartz Pink, and Taitung Positive Passion
2021-06-09 Initiating the Future of Agricultural-industry Paths: Farmers’ Academy—Introductory Horticulture Class Ends
2021-06-09 Foundational Farming Skills: Farmers’ Academy—Introductory Horticulture Class Begins!
2021-05-03 Expansive Fields of Daylilies and Sulfite-free Processing TTDARES and ETJSC Jointly Hold “Daylily Taitung No. 7 Cultivation Management and Water-saving Irrigation Techniques Demonstration Event”
2021-04-30 TTDARES “Farmer’s Academy—Introduction to Agriculture Course” Concludes, Bringing New Life to Taitung’s Farming Industry
2021-04-01 Processing Djulis to Yield Good Quality and Good Prices
2020-12-08 Reusing Rice Straw—TTDARES Holds “Circular Agriculture Rice Straw Recycling Demonstration Event”
2020-11-04 Circular Agricultural Accomplishment Tour Makes a Stop in Taitung: Circular Agriculture Rice Straw Recycling Accomplishment Presentation
2020-10-19 Eating Healthy Starts at the Source TTDARES Holds “Lecture on Safe Agrochemical Use on Small-leaf Vegetables Commonly Used in School Lunches”
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