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Our Mission


The Taitung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station (TTDARES), located in Taitung City, was established for the purpose of furthering agricultural development in Taitung County. Innovative technology and practices are developed through experimental research, becoming models for the industry which are widely promoted. Taitung County is blessed with beautiful scenery including high mountains, a rift valley, flatlands, the coast, precious cultural landscapes on the outlying islands, nature reserves and internationally renowned hot springs. As for agricultural production, the main crops are rice, corn and millet. Fruits grown in Taitung include custard apples (sugar apples), atemoyas (a hybrid of the custard apple and the cherimoya), plums, wendan pomelos, tankans, Valencia oranges, loquats, papayas, bananas and passion fruit. Also grown are betel leaves and flowers, watermelons, vegetables, sugar cane and tea. Within this diversity, custard apples and high-quality rice are the most important contributors to the local economy. In an effort to further the development of such crops, we have increased research related to breeding, cultivation and crop utilization. For fruit, we have increased the number of varieties, modified them to grow in different seasons, improved growing techniques, established a safe, quality production system, innovated technology, increased management efficiency and competitiveness within the industry, lowered production costs and increased growers’ profits. Moreover, we have collected weather information and done analysis that not only goes toward conducting research on creating optimal environments for cultivation, but that is also used to come up with measures to prevent losses which result from climate adversity and change.

The responsibility we have toward agricultural production development in Taitung County includes experimental research, application and the demonstration/promotion of production technology. We also give marketing guidance to growers, monitor/report on pest and disease conditions, assist with surveys regarding natural disasters, disseminate information on agricultural technology, publish technology-related periodicals, offer training and cooperate regarding international technology. The details on each of our objectives are listed below:
  1. Improvement, demonstration and promotion of breeding and cultivation methods for local crops.
  2. Research, development, demonstration and promotion of agricultural machinery.
  3. Improvement, demonstration and promotion regarding knowledge of production environment.
  4. Research, development, demonstration and promotion of pest/disease monitoring and control techniques.
  5. Promotion of related education and training for professionals in the industry.
  6. Public service.

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