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Young Farmer Guidance Program Achievements


To encourage young people to work in the agricultural industry, the Council of Agriculture launched its Dreams of Young Farmers Guidance Program in 2013, through which 100 outstanding young farmers are selected each year for two years of guidance to assist them in developing stably and expanding their scale of operations. In turn, this helps them become models in the industry, appealing to more young people to work in the agricultural industry.

Since 2013, the Taitung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station has made five selections of a total of 29 young local farmers as some of the 100 outstanding young farmers to receive guidance from the Dreams of Young Farmers Guidance Program. Based on the subindustries the farmers are involved in, seven experts and professors have been brought together to provide one or two sessions of on-site guidance per month to provide advice on production technique, operational management, loans, and marketing strategies. To date, these farmers in total have received 660 sessions of guidance. As a result, the scale of their farms has expanded to 216.7 hectares, they have designed 56 products, there have been 45 instances of expansion and business matchmaking, and 26 farmers have received assistance in securing loans. In addition, guidance has been given in creating a production and marketing resume system, and brands have been given more exposure through TV, magazines, and the internet, pushing sales to an impressive total of NT$57 million.

Young farmers and the guidance team. Guidance team members providing advice on site.