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The TTDARES is committed to working in accordance with the diversity of agricultural policies, focusing mainly on health, excellence and LOHAS concepts. We promote the findings from our research and aim to establish safe production systems as our goals for development. Items regarding technology, new findings, promotion, special reports and observations from overseas research are included in our publications for the benefit of all. Regarding regular publications, Taitung Agriculture Newsletter is a monthly publication, and Taitung Agricultural Issue comes out seasonally. Annual Report and Bulletin of Research Report come out once a year. Publications that are not regular include Technology Special (an average of three issues per year), and beginning in 2011, Agricultural Technology Report and Experimental Results Seminar came out to fulfill the demands of different readers. We hope that such publications highlight our goal of technology R&D and will help growers in our area lessen costs and increase productivity.

Taitung Agriculture Newsletter Taitung Agricultural Issue Agricultural Technology Report Technology Special