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Agricultural Training Laboratory


About the Agricultural Training Laboratory

Main operations include trainings held for/by farmers/extension personnel, production and marketing group guidance, human resource activation in rural villages, and assistance with executing major Council of Agriculture policies in rural villages. The Taitung Agricultural Educational District Center provides trainees with a proper learning environment, room and board, a complete array of instructional equipment, and industry-related trainings/extension personnel trainings each year.

Main operations:

  1. Research on the effectiveness of operational management guidance for young farmers in Taitung.
  2. Guidance on digital transformation for the export-potential crops of sugar apples and pitayas.
  3. Organic farming training achievement evaluations and analysis of agricultural workers in Taitung.
  4. Planning and execution of trainings for farmers at the Farmers’ Academy.
  5. Mobile Indigenous Agricultural Classes.
  6. Establishment of an integrated consultation and guidance system for the agricultural industry.
  7. Guidance for farmers in Taitung selected for the Dreams of Young Farmers Guidance Program.
  8. Development of a production and marketing resume system.
  9. Certification for those actively working in the agricultural industry.
  10. Improving seasonal labor shortage with professional skill team trainings.
  11. Processing applications for Agriculture Industry Knowledge Passports.
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