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Status of Farmers’ Academy and Training for Indigenous People’s Industries


The training center at the Taitung Farmers' Academy has set medicinal herbs, organic growing and other such local industry features as its main objectives since 2011. The training center has given related training at the Farmers' Academy and in local areas to offer learning opportunities to those interested in farming or those already in the industry. So far, a total of 15 phases of classes have been held with a total of 455 participants. The indigenous people of Taitung are widely distributed over a large area. As a result, we have tailored classes to the differing characteristics of each locale to help locals develop the special features of its farming industry regarding industry demand and technology development. Since the beginning of such classes in 2012, we have held three phases of classes on indigenous and upland food crops with a total of 91 participants. The classes are very informative, practical, and have been strongly affirmed by those who participated in.

In continuing to promote various focal points of agricultural education to enhance farmers quality and increase competitiveness, we plan to hold seven classes during 2014. Such classes include an introductory class on agronomy and horticulture, introductory and advanced classes on growing and use of medicinal herbs, an advanced organic farming class, an advanced organic fruit growing class, and an advanced annona fruits growing management class.