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Effects of Food and Agriculture Education Instruction in Taitung


The purpose of this study was to gain an understanding of how food and agriculture education workshops helped teachers at Dawang Elementary School in Taimali Township. The conclusions reached are as follows: 1) Teachers view their own knowledge on food and agriculture as insufficient, 2) they obtain information on food and agriculture through a diversity of channels, 3) the use of food education experiences is the easiest way to trigger the motivation to learn, and 4) the “3+6 aspects” food and agriculture education concept framework advocated by National Taiwan University Professor Lin Ru-ping helps teachers gain direction in food and agriculture education instruction. The author proposes the following suggestions: 1) Provide cross-disciplinary resource integration, 2) design courses differently based on the age of the students, and 3) make use of the themed website pages created by Council of Agriculture research institutes/research and extension stations as resources for preparing classes.