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“Reinvigorating Indigenous Village Spirit Class”: Keys to Making Tasty Indigenous Meal Boxes


The Taitung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station (TTDARES) of the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan held the 2022 Reinvigorating Indigenous Village Spirit Class on May 30, 2022 at the activity center in Taoyuan Village in Yanping Township. The class focused on the Indigenous meal boxes developed by several Indigenous communities. Through hands-on experience, attendees learned many uses for crops grown mainly in Indigenous villages and related processing techniques. Associate Professor Zou Hui-fen from National Taitung Junior College shared about the meal boxes developed in the Indigenous villages of Taoyuan and Wuling in Yanping, Dongxing Village in Beinan, and the community of Dianguang in Guanshan, and also provided suggestions for improvement. In the end, the attendees were able to take home samples of their newly developed creations. By exchanging ideas and brainstorming as a group, they became more imaginative and better skilled, allowing them to come up with even more dishes with a local flavor that are both healthy and delicious.

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