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Processing Djulis to Yield Good Quality and Good Prices


To boost farmers’ processing skills of djulis, the Taitung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station (TTDARES) held the Djulis Postharvest Processing Technique Demonstration Event on March 17, 2021, in Jinfeng Township. TTDARES Deputy Director Lu Po-song stated that djulis is an important grain crop in Taitung. In recent years, agriculture agencies have implemented programs and measures to guide the development of the djulis industry, such as establishing the Taiwan Good Agriculture Practice (TGAP) for djulis, and basic-level production is gradually developing and stabilizing. However, postharvest processing and raw-material management still need improvement to ensure high-quality end products. As a result, the TTDARES held this event to boost the standards of the djulis industry in Taiwan. The event included information on djulis cultivation, determining the proper time for harvesting, and postharvest processing techniques. A demonstration of a threshing machine was given as well. Attendees provided a lot of positive feedback.


Deputy Director Lu Po-song welcomes attendees and discusses the objective and purpose of the event. Assistant researcher Huang Zi-yun describes how to determine when djulis should be harvested.   

Associate researcher Huang Zheng-long demonstrates the use of a djulis threshing machine. Attendees provided a lot of feedback.